Alexander – 6 months

ALEXANDER is growing by leaps and bounds. Yesterday he was 6 months old already. Time does fly! I decided to go out for a couple of hours and relax at the park with him and take some pictures. Well, it wasn’t very successful as far as getting alot of good ones of him smiling and having fun but that’s ok. He started sitting pretty good yesterday so I thought that works out great to take some pictures in that pose. But he was still scared to sit there all by himself, so he wasn’t too impressed most of the time that I had him sitting. I still like some of them even though it’s capturing more of his unhappy side. He was more scared and unsure of sitting like that than unhappy I guess. This is phase one because I want to do some more when he’s showing me a some happiness. Course I was taking them throughout the course of the day so I have some of his morning play time also and some other random ones.

Spring has spring here in Denver…..

With uncle Mihiretab

Aunties Selam & Beza



4 thoughts on “Alexander – 6 months

  1. Sooooooooo adorable! The ones with pooh are my favorite, and the one where he seems to be flirting with the camera with a pacifier in his mouth, got a little Rhett Butler going on there:) You have to get out here NOW!

    • Yes, I’m working on getting those reservations made one of these days when the prices are decent. Which I’m hoping will happen. 🙂

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