Valentines day Memories …

We had a wonderful time on Valentines Day! Isaac planned a lovely evening at  The Aquarium Restaurant early evening. It is quite a romantic restaurant.

“Romance Under the Sea “

We took Alexander with us also and he was very entertained for the most part, watching all the fish swimming around and of course there were other things that got his attention as well. Lately I’ve been starting to feel a little inspired again with photography. It feels like MAYBE the desire to have fun with it is coming back. And it’s a great feeling. Even if so far most of it has been with my iphone. 🙂 I need to get my camera out more. But here are just a few fun ones from the day. Not necessarily quality, just fun.

I made a dessert for us for after we get back but we had dessert there then so….  this was for later.

my lovely roses

and these “the unspeakable”

from him…


I love this expression on Alexander’s face… could be saying so many things. 🙂

We spent several hours walking under and beside the deep blue. Alexander did great!


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